10 Events That Prove CatCon LA Is Heaven On Earth For Cat Lovers


If you're a cat lover and you've never heard of CatCon, then you may want to sit down for this...

For two full days in downtown LA, CatCon hosts an enormous range of cat-themed activities, seminars and booths to celebrate all things feline. It's the time and place where all of your kitty-filled dreams are realized.

Here are the top 10 events at CatCon this year that prove this is THE place to be for all cat lovers.

Meet and Greet with Lil Bub, Pudge and Nala

Ever wanted to meet some of the most famous cats on Instagram? Well, now you can!

Rachael Ray Nutrish Cat Caricature Station

Sit back and relax as a professional artist draws you... as your cat. You can go the extra mile and have BuzzFeed do a photo mashup of you and your cat as well -- as if you two could be any closer.


CatCon will be handing out free caticures all weekend -- that is, express manicures with cat decals. Because you deserve a little luxury.

The Animal Planet Escape Room

Escape rooms are fun because they drop you in an unfamiliar place with a set of tasks you have to follow or figure out if you, well, want to escape. This particular escape room has a maze that's designed from a cat's perspective. So if you ever wanted to become a legit cat, here's your chance.

Kat Von D Beauty Bar

Because Kat Von D is the unofficial patron saint of badass cats, she built a 1,000-square-foot beauty bar where you can get your cat-eye done by a pro. Oh, and there's a giant lipstick throne. Because why not.

PurinaONE Whole Body Health Hotel

PurinaONE will have a booth set up at CatCon to help all neurotic cat owners discover how to optimize Fluffy's health. And, held offsite at the Ace Hotel from 6 to 10 pm both nights, there will be a Happy Meowr with kitty cocktails that you definitely don't want to miss.

Petco's Cardboard Extravaganza

Everyone knows that the only thing cats love more than throwing shade is playing in cardboard boxes. That's why Petco built a special cardboard kingdom to honor our feline friends (and frenemies).

Kitty Coloring Collective

Get your coloring on and design a custom cat-themed T-shirt for you to take home! Though we can't promise it'll impress your cat (it probably won't).

Oko Cat Photo Booth

No CatCon would be complete without a kitty-centric photo booth. Grab a friend -- furry or otherwise -- and take a couple snaps so you'll never forget all the good times you had in Cat Heaven.

The Clowder, Hill's and Petco Adoption Lounge

Yes, there are kitties up for adoption at this event. If you're in the market for a new fur-child, be sure to check out the 3,000-square-foot adoption village. You could leave CatCon with an actual cat and then it will truly be the best day of your life.

Bonus: Andy Milonakis will be there.

Because this is the place where dreams really do come true.

Have fun and remember, if you have any allergies whatsoever, make sure to stock up on Benadryl ASAP unless you plan on sneezing all over defenseless kittens all weekend. Enjoy!