This Cat's Outfits Are Putting Your Style Game To Shame (Photos)

We've all seen our fair share of dogs dominated the four-legged style scene.

Remember when we showed you that insanely stylish pug named Nutello?

Apparently, dogs aren't the only animals that like to play dress up, and there's a new species dragging some competition into the style scene.

Meet Boo Boo, the cat.

After Carla Hervert rescued Boo Boo back in 2005, she set out to make her newfound furry friend one of the most fashionable felines on earth and created an adorable collection of greeting cards called Dress Up Cat.

Boo Boo had this to say for himself:

Though I'm pretty shy around strangers, I am quite the ham in front of a camera. It's a great way to get a lot of attention and tasty treats. The way I figure it, if my photos make a human smile or laugh, then my hard work of looking cute was worth it.

There's no denying Boo Boo boasts some seriously impressive style game, and no matter what type of look he's going for, his feline outfits are always on fleek.

Boo Boo isn't your average cat.

He's a fashionable feline rocking some seriously impressive #OOTDs.

Can't see the kitty haters in my pink flower shades.

Giddy up, betches.

It doesn't take all nine lives to see these ensembles are heavenly.

Commander Kitty reporting for runway duty.

Boo Boo is never afraid to make a wild fashion statement.

Who needs a circus lion when you have a trendy tabby?

 Every fabulous feline loves a bubble bath.

Super Kitty to the fashion rescue.

The Easter Bunny has nothing on this cat couture.

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