Insane Self-Driving BMW Shows Us How We Can Autopilot In The Future (Photos)

The recent Geneva Motor Show introduced us to some insane supercars and futuristic concepts.

If you've heard of the Swiss auto consultancy Rinspeed, you probably know it unveiled a seriously insane concept car at the show this year.

This is the autonomous Rinspeed Budii.

With its concept based on the BMW i3 EV, this is probably the most badass thing to ever hit the high-tech concept car scene.

Thanks to the Budii's rooftop telescoping laser scanner and Kappa Optronics camera, this epic car creates a 3D perspective of the surrounding area and has the ability to navigate itself like a boss.

The Budii adapts to the habits of the driver while still giving lots of options.

You can use the autopilot mode for routine car rides, like that annoying work commute, while still being able to get your driving fix by steering the car yourself on fun road trips.

Just like you would expect with a car from the future, everything in this vehicle, from the entertainment system to the safety features, can be controlled through the driver's smartphone or smartwatch.

I guess you have another good excuse to buy that $10,000 iWatch...

Feast your eyes on the futuristic Rinspeed Budii.

This autonomous car uses a telescoping laser scanner and Kappa Optronics camera to navigate like a pro.

And it has an insanely stylish exterior.

The inside of this ride isn't too shabby, either.

The steering wheel sits on a swivel that gives the driver or passenger in the front seat the ability to control the wheel.

Or, you can just throw this bad boy in autopilot and let the car do all the driving.

To get a closer look at this awesome car, check out the video below.

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