Carob Is The Chocolate Alternative That Literally Makes You Look Younger

Aubrie LeGault

I basically live on two foods: sweet potatoes and trail mix. But I refuse to eat trail mix without something sweet, normally M&Ms.

My co-worker, Brittany, who is way cooler than anyone I know, chooses to put carob chips in her trail mix. She's next level like that. I recently tried some of her mix for the first time, and I think I'll have to end my long-term relationship with M&Ms.

You'd think that if something exactly like chocolate, it can't be that good for you. That's not the case with carob.

I know what you're thinking. What the actual fuck is carob anyway?

Carob comes from a pea-like plant native to the Mediterranean region, as well as places in Asia and the subcontinent of India. It's sweeter and lower in fat than chocolate.

It has the ability to boost your immune system, lower the risk of cancer and help prevent and manage diabetes. Those are just some of the many health benefits. It can also magically slow down aging -- because it's the best.

But there's more. Carob is also good for digestion and lowers your cholesterol. On top of that, it's antiviral, antibacterial and antiseptic. Allergic to chocolate? Carob is your friend.

One last thing, it helps with weight loss too. Eating carob reduces the secretion of the hunger hormone, called postprandial ghrelin, that tells your body it's hungry even if you've just eaten. So incorporating carob into your diet helps control the urge to overeat. And it tastes like chocolate. So that's amazing.

Just look at all of these incredible food creations you can make with carob.

You can blend it up with frozen banana to make creamy "nicecream."

Or jazz up Saturday morning breakfast with some carob crepes.

Make a guilt-free chocolate protein shake for maximum gains.

Trick people into thinking they're eating chocolate chips with carob topped muffins.

Take your smoothie bowl game to the next level.

I want these carob scones in my mouth right now.

Yup. This carob fudge is actually good for you.


I honestly don't think you need any more reasons to hop on the carob train. I'm literally on my way to Whole Foods right now to buy a giant thing of them. No, I'm not just doing it for the 'gram either.