Your Phone Will Never Die Thanks To These Tiny Cardboard Chargers

by Gillian Fuller

There are few things quite as frustrating as the pathetic battery life on an iPhone. For something so relatively advanced, you'd think developers would be able to create a battery that holds a charge for longer than 12 hours. Apparently not.

Scores of savvy companies have capitalized on Apple's oversight by creating portable chargers, but most of the time, these devices are bulky and unsightly, which is frustrating considering one of the biggest draws to the iPhone is its sleek, compact design.

Designer Tsung Chih-Hsien developed the perfect solution to this problem with his new Mini Power charger.

The compact charger plugs into the phone's USB port and is approximately the size of a small flash drive. Designed for “urgent use," the chargers are available in three different power capacities (ranging from two to six hours of battery life) and can be recharged and recycled. (They're biodegradable!)

The innovative product was crowned the winner in the design concept category in the 2014 Red Dot awards.

Check it out below.

The chargers are made out of a biodegradable cardboard.

They can be recycled and recharged for repeated use.

Users can choose from two-, four-, or six-hour power boosts.


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