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'Cannabis Sommelier' Is Officially A Job, So Time To Spruce Up Your Resume

There's nothing better than finding a job that pays you to do something you truly enjoy.

Last week, we let you in on a way to score some cash while testing out the benefits of wine.

If you thought that was pretty damn amazing, you'll be glad to know being a wine-guzzling guinea pig isn't the only profession out there that'll let you embrace your vices on the job.

We just came across another lit career that's basically a dream come true for every stoner out there: cannabis sommelier.

I repeat, this is not a drill.

Cannabis sommeliers are now a real thing, so you can actually get paid to pair your favorite strains with their perfect munchies.

Apparently, a handful of marijuana entrepreneurs have started catering businesses in Colorado that host cannabis-curated dinner parties, in which each course is served alongside a joint that really elevates the whole dining experience.

Plus, weed-pairing dinner parties aren't the only cannabis experiences growing in demand, either.

It turns out cooking classes that specialize in teaching you how to cook with marijuana are also on the rise, and it's not hard to see that these classes go way beyond whipping up some simple pot brownies.

So yeah, if you love lighting up as much as you love stuffing your face with food, this might just be a pretty solid career choice for you.

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