What Your Favorite Snacks Look Like With Calorie-Count Logos

If you're someone who frequently snags a bunch of goodies from the junk food aisle, you might want step away from the shopping cart (or at least cover your eyes). I'm about to ruin the whole "ignorance is bliss" approach to stuffing your face with fattening snacks.

While most foods are required to have nutrition labels, the calorie counts are usually tucked away on the back of the packaging. If that's not bad enough, the labels can also correspond with misleading serving sizes, making it pretty difficult to determine how many calories are actually in those pints of ice cream you polish off on the reg.

However, we recently came across a clever Instagram account called Calorie Brands that's on a mission to make the world aware of just how bad some popular snacks can be.

That's right. The Calorie Brands Instagram showcases a collection of grocery store snacks and beverages that feature redesigned labels, which prominently display the calorie counts right on the fronts of the packaging.

Take one look at these labels and you'll be surprised to find that some small, seemingly harmless snacks will actually eat up a big chunk of your daily calorie allowance.

According to the Calorie Brands Instagram account,

This is how brands should look like to help you achieve your summer body goals.

Check out the pictures below to see just how many calories are lurking in your favorite foods:

Absolut Vodka

Kinder Bar

Snickers Bar




McDonald's French Fries

Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream

Lay's Classic Potato Chips


Red Bull

Domino's Pizza


Magnum Ice Cream Bar

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