The Push Of A Button Magically Turns This Farmhouse Into A Glass Home (Photos)

It's been said those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones -- unless, of course, you can protect your home on command by pushing a button that shields the fragile facade with a few sturdy walls.

It that's the case, feel free to let those rocks fly without suffering the consequences of karma.

The architectural and design experts at London-based design studio dRMM know a thing or two about glass houses. Their insane farmhouse design might be one of the coolest crystal clear residences to date.

Feast your eyes on the Sliding House.

While the Sliding House may look like your average oversized farmhouse, this charming residence in Suffolk, England is actually hiding a huge secret.

This unique house is equipped with a sliding structure that can be moved at the push of a button to reveal the glass skeleton hiding inside its barn facade.

This incredible 2,100-square-foot residence features three separate buildings. The main house, a guest annex and a garage can be covered with different portions of the moving structure.

Thanks to a powerful motor and some "recessed railroad tracks," the 20-ton barn facade can be moved alongside the static buildings to create different views and reveal various open air segments of the house.

When the barn facade is pushed all the way back, the exterior structure transforms the courtyard alongside the garage into a small enclosure.

Or, you can shift the facade in the opposite direction, to create an extended roof covering the patio area.

It's not hard to see this house pretty much gives you the best of both worlds.

On nice days, you can have the interior exposed and soak up those sun rays.

Or, if it's one of those days when you're suffering from a killer hangover, you can just push a button to have that barn slide back in place and shield your eyes from that cruel, blaring sunlight.

According to dRMM, the house was designed for its inhabitants to "grow food, entertain and enjoy the landscape," and if one thing is for sure, you're sure to impress every guest at your dinner parties.

Take a look at the pictures below to see this awesome country home.

Behold, the Sliding House.

The barn facade of this house moves to reveal an interior glass skeleton.

The residence is made up of three buildings.

There's a the main segment, a guest annex and a garage.

The 20-ton barn facade can be moved alongside the house...

...thanks to a powerful motor and some recessed railroad tracks.

There's an endless amount of coverage options.

Sliding the house back and forth reveals different open air segments of the residence...

...and creates a variety of different views around the home.

Cranking the walls back uncovers an open air bathroom...

...and a little courtyard alongside the garage.

Plus, this glass house probably gives you some pretty incredible views of the night sky.

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