Burgers Turned Into Awesome Works Of Art Look Almost Too Good To Eat (Photos)

Everyone loves a good-looking, delicious burger.

Between the juicy meat, melty cheese and tasty toppings all nestled between two fluffy buns, there's no denying burgers are pretty beautiful if they're made the right way.

But when it comes to crafting an aesthetically pleasing burger, some people think this meal is such a beautiful thing, it should be considered an art form.

If you don't believe me, just ask Thomas and Quentin.

Together, these two French designers set out on a delicious endeavor to create a variety of over-the-top burgers, putting a seriously creative spin on their favorite food.

Their project, called Fat & Furious Burger, essentially gives a bunch of boring, ordinary burgers a magnificent makeover, transforming each one into a culinary work of art.

So what exactly inspired these guys to make art out of a sandwich?

Well, apparently when boredom strikes two creative minds during lunchtime, burger art is born.

The dynamic duo wrote on thier website,

It soon became a ritual: improvising and experimenting each week new ways of cooking and representing a burger in very short lunch break. It takes about an hour and a half to find an idea, run to a supermarket to get everything, cook, take a shoot and eat.

Their insane burger creations are simply spectacular, and although it may seem hard to believe, all of their burgers are actually edible despite their unique appearances.

Check out the images below to see these beautiful works of burger art.

A fitted hat with extra sesame seeds

Burger on the beach

Bringing Frankenburger to life

Hitting the waves with a burgerboard

The Blank burger

The Holy Grail of hamburger art

Burgers make a way better wedding cake

The Jack-O-Burger

The pineburger

The epitome of fine dining

The Smurf burgershroom

The ultimate weapon in the war against hunger

Winner winner gold burger dinner

It takes a lot of work to conquer a burger that's this good-looking

The sword and the burger

This delicious meat-eorite is heading straight for Earth

The candy burger on a stick

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