Brooklyn Artist Uses Drones And Smoke Grenades To Create Breathtaking Sky Art


Every day, we are introduced to yet another mind-blowing way to use a drone.

Earlier last week, we met a fisherman who uses drones to catch tuna in Australia. This time, we're given a good look at the vibrant artwork and craft of Paul Trillo, a Brooklyn-based artist and filmmaker.

Trillo teamed up with Brian Streem of Aerobo to create breathtaking sky art using a fleet of aerial drones and colored smoke grenades in a video titled, "CHROMATICITY."

Streem helped coordinate each drone and synchronize it with the video's soundtrack.

According to Visual News, the physical drones were edited out of the footage to make the smoke grenades appear to flow through the sky without an aide.

In a recent statement regarding the project, Paul Trillo revealed,

The main intention here was to create a gestural piece, looking for a more poetic way to use the technology that combines painting, sculpture, and performative arts.

If this isn't poetic, I'm not sure what is.

Check out the video above for a closer look!

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