Move Over, Bridal Showers: Bro-Dal Showers Are About To Take Over

Lately, there's been a big push for gender equality as more people join the movement and "lean in."

But, ladies shouldn't be the only ones who benefit from equal treatment.

If you ask me, men should also get to enjoy all the special things women do, like having parties thrown in their honor before they tie the knot.

And no, I'm not talking about the kinds with strippers jumping out of cakes.

While wedding showers are traditionally reserved for brides, there has recently been a growing number of grooms getting in on the pre-wedding celebrations.

Yep, that's right. A "bro-dal" shower is now a real thing, and to be honest, it's pretty f*cking awesome.

The idea behind the bro-dal shower is quite simple. It's pretty much the same thing as a bridal shower, but it swaps the dainty apps, floral dresses and champagne for macho-man food, beer and drinking games.

Sounds like a lot more fun than watching your gal pal open presents next to a fake wishing well for seven hours, right?

Well, we recently came across a pretty cool party hosted by BuzzFeed, and it inspired us to jump on the bro-dal shower bandwagon and find a bunch of other grooms who mastered the art of throwing the perfect bro-dal shower.

Take a look at the pictures below to see this new wedding shower trend.

Move over, brides.

Bro-dal showers are taking over wedding season.

If you need a little manspiration for your badass bro-dal shower, look no further.

First, you'll need some eye-catching invitations...

And the ultimate bro squad, of course...

...and as far as the dress code is concerned, you can keep it super casual or go for the superhero theme. It's totally up to you.

You'll also need some dude-friendly decorations.

Beer is the main ingredient in a successful bro-dal shower, so make sure you have plenty of it to go around.

It never hurts to have some whiskey and cigars on hand, too.

Bros like to eat, so you'll need a table full of macho-man food...

...and you can never go wrong with lots of cheese or meat.

For dessert, you can opt for a classy, tux-clad treat...

Some sweets from the dark side...

...or a cake made out of every man's favorite dessert: beer.

After the groom opens a few gifts...

You can get the party started with an all-out beer pong bro down...

...but don't forget to send your squad home with a special gift.

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