This Bride Was Her Own Wedding Photographer And The Pics Are Gorgeous

Hiring a photographer to photograph the wedding of a photographer is redundant as hell, and Liisa Luts realized this, luckily, before her August 28 wedding.

The morning of the big day, the bride grabbed her Fujifilm X-T10 and began documenting each event from her perspective.

In an interview with PetaPixel, Luts explained,

I just felt that I want something different, not those posed beauty shots and not that post-processed glamorous photo gallery. With all respect to the wedding photographers, I just wanted something more 'us' and therefore more authentic.

The bride began by documenting the date.

She greeted the day with a morning run…

…and let her groom sleep in.

Luts relaxed with a shower.

The couple enjoyed a light breakfast.

The beauty process began.

Luts and her fiancé stayed in touch.

She sifted through shoes...

Gathered her bouquet...

...and met up with her man.

The pair signed their license and made it official.

Finally, the lovers rode off into the sunset.

JK, they rode off to dinner with their loved ones.

The husband and wife ended the evening in each other's arms.

The end result was precisely what Luts hoped for: a personal, emotional account of her wedding day.

After publishing the full photo series, she shared,

I'm really happy with the result and a bit stunned that it has got a lot of positive feedback. The aim of sharing it is to inspire people to go the way they feel and not to do things just by the book.

Fans of Luts' work can check out Mellow, a photography, videography and animation company run by the Tallinn, Estonia resident and her husband.

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