Ramón Esteve Estudio

Breathtaking Home In Spain With Gorgeous Views Is Literally Paradise (Photos)

We've all seen our fair share of impressive houses that push the boundaries of style and luxury.

Remember when we showed you that awesome Pole House in Australia? Well, there's another seaside home in Spain that looks just as awesome.

Feast your eyes on the Sardinera House located between El Portixol and Cala Blanca.

Created by Ramón Esteve Estudio, this beautiful hillside home takes living along the Mediterranean coastline to a luxurious new level.

According to the Sardinera House architects,

The original idea for the design was based on enjoying and enhancing the panoramic views of the setting, by creating a relaxing contemplative environment that allows enjoying the experience provided by the place.

The interior of this seaside estate boasts a sleek, contemporary design with an open, flowing floor plan.

Enter this awesome home, and you will find the main floor contains several day rooms with adjacent verandas facing the horizon as well as a living room encased in glass to give you some seriously breathtaking views of the sea.

Make your way upstairs, and you will discover that in addition to small glass balconies, each of the bedrooms in this lavish home offers a sweeping panoramic view by swapping out the traditional walls for glass corners.

Everything in this house has been carefully designed to take advantage of its stunning surroundings.

It even has a translucent staircase that allows you to get a glimpse of the blue Mediterranean during the day, and it lights up at night to double as a pretty awesome lamp.

If that's not impressive enough, the basement level of this home also boasts a parking area along with several guest bedrooms, a gym, an indoor pool and a sauna.

But the real showstopper in the Sardinera House is the outdoor patio that has an infinity pool, which looks like it flows right into the gorgeous sea in the distance.

Behold, the Sardinera House.

This Spanish home is the epitome of luxurious style.

The stunning Mediterranean Sea views are certainly the main focal point of this house.

 From the glass corner walls of each room...

...to the crystal clear infinity pool that seems to flow right into the sea...

...everything in this home is designed with the horizon in mind.

 The interior boasts a sleek, modern style...

 ...with a flowing, open layout...

 ...and lots of wood finishes.

It has an abundance of windows that let in natural light.

The staircase features translucent steps.

And in addition to the outdoor pool...

...this opulent seaside estate also has an indoor pool on the basement level.

Every room boasts breathtaking views of the ocean...

 ...that look just as good as the views outside.

The exterior of the house is just as stylish as the inside...

...featuring a unique contemporary design...

...that merges style with function throughout the indoor and outdoor spaces.

While everything in this opulent house looks pretty amazing...

...the best part is the view from the outdoor patio and pool.

Check out the video to see the insane Sardinera House

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