If Brands Were Honest, These Are What Their Logos And Slogans Would Be (Photos)

As you may already know, there's a Tumblr page dedicated to just about everything that exists. On this edition of cool Tumblr accounts, we're looking at Honest Slogans.

The page is operated by an unknown, skilled photoshop artist.

The logos and slogans of well-known companies are altered and replaced with what they should really say based on their overall performance and reputation as a company.

Check out the altered slogans below!

Best Buy: Try it out before buying it on Amazon

Apple: $2,000 Facebook machines

Nature Valley Granola Bars: Crumbs Everywhere

Toyota: Moving forward, unintentionally

Kool-Aid: Sugar-Water

Go Where'd everybody go?

MTV: ______ Television

YouTube: Don't read the comments

Abode Acrobat: Would you like to update?

Lego: The Bane of your foot's existence

FedEx: It's probably broken

Target: Walmart for the middle class

Xbox Live: Find out who your mother's been sleeping with

Q-Tips Cotton Swabs: You use them in your ears even though we say not to

McDonald's: Because you only have $4

Waffle House: It's 2am and you're drunk

Nike: Just buy it

America Online: Need a CD frisbee?

Hot Pockets: Every bite is a different temperature

Google: Just try using another search engine

PayPal: Because you have to

Keystone Light: Stay sober during beer pong

Ben & Jerry's: Eat away your feelings

Vicks NyQuil: Slip into a nice coma for few hours

Pepsi: When there's no Coke

Hidden Valley The Original Ranch: Makes vegetables bad for you

CapriSun All Natural: Careful not to poke a hole through the back

Google+: Google Wave 2.0

Chick-Fil-A: We didn't invent the chicken, just a teenage girl on Facebook

50 Shades of Gray: Sex, Sex, Sex

Instagram: Mask bad photos with filters

Crest 3D White White Strips: Teeth so white, they can't dance

Pizza Hut: We have a salad bar for some reason

Bugles: Edible finger swords

Super Bowl XLVII: Blackout

LinkedIn: Connect with people for no reason at all

Sriracha: Always worth the pain

Cosmopolitan: Sex quizzes, sex tips, sex facts

Men's Health: Every issues promises perfect abs

Candy Crush Saga: The game version of pure cocaine

Motel 6: We'll leave the light on for you because you're probably in a sketchy neighborhood

AMC: Just ignore Low Winter Sun

Photos courtesy of Honest Slogans: What People Really Think, H/t Ad Week