This Blogger's Phone Automatically Retouched Her Selfie And She's Pissed

How would you react if you found out your smartphone was automatically retouching your selfies without your permission?

That's exactly what happened to blogger Mel Wells when she snapped a selfie using a brand new Samsung smartphone. Immediately after taking the selfie, she realized the camera's default settings were set to "Beauty Level 8," a user preference that adds an airbrush retouching to photos.

If you know anything about airbrushing, then you know this method is typically used to enhance the visual appearance of people in photos -- especially models in magazine spreads seeking the "perfect look."

Wells, who is known for her book titled "The Goddess Revolution," slammed Samsung in a lengthy Instagram post comparing the shocking before and after photos.

See the difference?

After revealing the auto-retouched selfie, Wells went on to bash Samsung for automatically enabling the "Beauty Level 8" feature, suggesting the company thinks you look better with computer-generated photo enhancements rather than showcasing your natural beauty.

Wells also expressed much more appreciation for iPhone cameras and hopes "young girls are buying iPhones instead of Samsungs." She does have a point...

Would you want your smartphone insulting you without your permission? After all, those things aren't cheap and body image issues are very real.

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