This Billboard Has A Tap So People Passing By Can Pour Themselves Beer

What categorizes a billboard as "awesome?"

In an LCD-screen paradise like Times Square, it'd probably be big, bolded text and vibrant neon lights. But the fact of the matter is, sometimes all your billboard needs is beer.

Yes, beer, like the heaven-sent drink we can't wait to indulge in after a long day!

In a recent ad campaign put together by Danish brewery Carlsberg, we're greeted by a massive billboard that reads "Probably the best poster in the world."

As a passerby, the text alone makes you want to go over and see what this thing has to offer -- especially when there's a giant line in front of it.

If you happened to be in East London over the last few days, you've probably had the rare opportunity to drink beer from the billboard itself. That's right, there's a spout for pedestrians because why not?!

This definitely makes it on the list of brilliant advertising concepts!

Check out the photos below of the billboard in action.

Behold, a giant, 40-foot billboard claiming to be "Probably the best poster in the world," but why?

I know that @carlsberg want me to tweet this - but I can't stop myself. Hats off — Stuart Aitken (@stuart_aitken) April 8, 2015

It's a brilliant ad in London created by Danish beer company Carlsberg that actually dispenses free beer.

.@carlsberg have a poster that dispenses beer in Shoreditch right now... *mind blown* You've got till 6pm to grab 1! — O2 Academy Brixton (@O2academybrix) April 8, 2015

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