Before-And-After Photos Prove Men Always Look Better With Beards


We've all seen Transformation Tuesday pictures on Instagram, where people upload inspiring photos that show off their weight loss achievements and muscle gains.

But now there's a new type of transformation trend taking over our Instagram feeds thanks to the growing number of lumbersexuals out there.

Recently, a bunch of bearded dudes have been posting before and after photos of their radical facial hair transformations.

By looking at their baby-faced before pictures, it's easy to see these guys have come a long way since their days of being clean-shaven, and their new beards have done wonders for them.

These guys pretty much serve as manly role models to all, and their badass beards prove that with a little patience and dedication, any dude can achieve an epic beard.

But even more importantly, these guys prove that jumping on the lumbersexual bandwagon and growing out impressive beards will really take your appearance to a new level of hot, unadulterated manliness.

Pictures don't lie, and after getting a glimpse of these guys, it's obvious every guy looks way more attractive with facial hair.

Not to mention, the ladies always love a man who's sporting a big, sexy beard.

Take a look at the transformations below to see living proof that men always look better with beards.

These beard transformations are pretty unbelievable.

From a clean shaven, baby face...

To a total beard-sporting stud.

These guys prove that beards can really give you some game.

A hairy upgrade will make every guy look better...

And even hotter than you ever thought possible.

Beards can take you from middle school to ultimate manliness...

Or take from loserville to hot lumberexual.

The secret to looking badass lies in the beard.

Just a little facial hair can make you go from babyface to bearded baller...

Transform you from a dorky dweeb to a dreamy dude...

Or from take you from schoolboy to sophisticated gentleman.

A beard can make the average guy absolutely gorgeous.

Seriously, no woman can resist a man with a beard like this.

This will make you think twice about picking up that razor.