These Dogs Are Taking The Term 'Basic B*tch' To A Whole New Level (Photos)


Apparently, humans aren't the only basic bitches out there.

The other day, I was walking around with my dog when my basic white girl craving for pumpkin spice kicked in.

So we stopped at Starbucks for a PSL and a puppuccino from the secret doggy menu, of course.

As we sat in the park and drank our coffees, I looked over at my beloved fur baby and made a startling discovery: I somehow turned my dog into a basic bitch.

Yep, between her red sweater, little dog booties and latte-foam-covered nose, there was no denying it.

She was more basic than a bitch drinking a PSL while apple picking on an autumn day.

However, my dog isn't the only pup with some extremely basic tendencies.

There are actually lots of dogs that seem to have a serious case of the basic bug.

So I set out to find a bunch of barking betches and put them all on one hilarious Instagram account called Basic Dogs for your viewing pleasure.

Take a look at the picture below to see these man's basic BFF.

Behold, Basic Dogs.

This Instagram account features a bunch of hilarious hounds that are even more basic than bitches.

Like their human counterparts,  these betches enjoy all of the basic essentials, like showing off their swan floatie on a hot, summer day...

...brunching with their furry BFFs...

...drunk texting bae while they're white-dog-wasted on wine...

...and totally waking up like this. #FidoFlawless

Like every basic betch, these fur babies love autumn so much they literally can't even...

...and they know it's just not fall unless you go apple picking with your barking boo.

You can't go wrong with pumpkin picking either!

Mmmhhh, the fresh scent of basic.

OMG literally almost died when Starbs forgot to put pumpkin spice in my puppuccino.

These pups live for sweater weather... they love fabulous fido scarves OBVI.

And no doggy outfit is complete without some Uggs!

Yoga is basically their fave workout ev, and they're not afraid to show off their perfect downward facing dog.

PSLs for dayysss.

These barking beauties are always down for a relaxing bubble bath...

...or some #Netflix&Chill with bae.

Seriously, nothing beats staying in with a glass of vino on a Friday night and binge watching "The Real House Dogs Of NYC."

Except maybe breaking your all carb diet by going to Taco Bell...

...or drunk eating pupperoni pizza with your basic besties that would totally never judge you for downing four slices.

These pups never miss an opportunity to go on spring break with the squad...

...and they totes have the hot dog legs vacay pose on lock.

Cheers to being basic!