Don't Forget A Doggy Bag! Your Fave Restaurants Have Secret Dog Menus

Everyone knows dogs are the best dates around.

Canine dinner companions are always down to eat whatever type of food you want, and they won't judge you for ordering that insane bacon burger instead of a salad.

Plus, they're downright adorable and they actually pay attention to what you have to say during dinner.

But, if you thought the only place you could dine alongside a furry best friend was your living room sofa, you'll be glad to know there are actually a bunch of Fido-friendly restaurants.

The dog lovers over at Foodbeast just revealed all of the restaurants that have secret menu items dedicated to man's four-legged best friend.

Now, you never have to feel guilty about leaving your little guy home all alone when you go out to eat. Instead, you can just bring your barking bestie along with you.

OK, you might not actually be allowed to bring your pup inside of the restaurant because of all those annoying health codes obviously created by someone who never experienced the sheer joy having a drooling dog.

But, outdoor patios are fair game for your puppy dining endeavors.

Whether you want to tap into your buddy's basic side with a Puppuccino from Starbucks, satisfy that canine sweet tooth with a doggy cupcake and ice cream-packed Pup Cup or simply stop by the drive-thru for a burger and some dog biscuits, there's pretty much a doggy menu item to satisfy even the pickiest of puppies.

Take a look at the pictures below to see all of the secret restaurant menu items for dogs.

Pup Cup from Dairy Queen

Doggie Cupcakes from Sprinkles

Puppy Patty from In-N-Out

Dog Burger from Johnny Rockets

Rice Plate from Lazy Dog

Pooch-ini from Shake Shack

Puppuccino from Starbucks

 Doggy Treats From Sonic Drive-In

 Sugar-Free Timbits from Tim Hortons

 Dog Treats From Chick-fil-A

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