Better Late Than Never: Barbie Will Finally Be Able To Wear Flats

Everyone knows Barbie has some seriously impressive style.

Like any true couture queen, Barbie wouldn't be caught dead in flats, and the blonde bombshell has been rocking heels like a boss since day one.

In fact, her insanely arched feet are actually designed to look like they're resting in a pair of sky-high stilettos at all times.

However, Barbie's days of suffering in those uncomfortable heels will soon be over.

Mattel is releasing a new set of dolls from the Barbie Fashionistas line that will have adjustable ankles. So for the first time ever, Barbie will be able to flaunt some flat shoes in addition to her signature spiked heels.

YOU GUYS! For the first time ever, Barbie will have feet that can wear flats! — Cosmopolitan (@Cosmopolitan) June 2, 2015

But that's not all.

In order to make Barbie more culturally diverse, the new line will include dolls in eight different skin colors, 14 facial sculpts, 18 eye colors, 23 hair colors and 22 hair styles.

It's about time Barbie got a real world makeover.

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