Bottoms Up: This Glorious Bakery Serves Shots Made Of Milk And Cookies (Photos)


Milk and cookies are pretty damn amazing.

But, you know what's even better than having your glass of milk alongside your chocolate chip cookie? Having your milk inside your cookie, of course.

That's right. The Dirty Cookie, a California-based bakery, just took its cookies to the next level by transforming them into sweet cookie shots.

Cookie shots are just what they sound like. They're like the shots you knock back at happy hour, except these sweet treats swap out the glasses and booze for badass, edible cookie cups filled with milk.

Take a look at the pictures below to see this innovate new way to eat cookies.

Now, you can have your milk and cookies...

...and eat the glass, too.

Thanks to The Dirty Cookie, a bakery in Orange County, California... can now consume your cookies in the form of shots.

Yep, cookie shots are now real, and they look absolutely amazing.

The makers start out by baking each cookie into the perfect shot-glass shape...

Then, they coat the inside of the cookie cup in Belgian chocolate...

...before loading it up with all sorts of delicious flavored cold creams.

The cookies come in flavors like classic chocolate chip...

Cookies and cream...

...and red velvet.

Plus, the company also has vegan options, like its brand-new, dark chocolate cookie shot with vanilla almond milk.

Once you try these scrumptious shots, you'll never go back to sipping your milk out of a normal glass again.