Bacon Shot Glasses Will Make Throwing Back Liquor That Much Tastier (Photos)

by Robert Anthony

There are quite a few ways to enjoy bacon these days.

It's one delicious, savory food that's impossible to get bored with. Need proof?

Try to keep yourself from drooling over this list of 20 mouthwatering dishes featuring *thundering drumroll* bacon!

Now, eating bacon is always a pleasure, but constantly using bacon the "right" way quickly gets boring.

That's exactly why we're excited to find this outrageous recipe from Amy Erickson over at the Oh, Bite It! food blog. This is a recipe for bacon shot glasses.

That's right, instead of downing shots out of actual shot glasses, Erickson decided to use bacon.

Do you understand what this means for us?! This means after pounding our favorite esophagus-burning quality liquors, we get to chase them with our favorite food.

Well, there you have it: a new reason to stay in and get wasted!

In need of a new drink chaser? Ditch the orange juice and soda for bacon!

Amy Erickson of Oh, Bite It! came up with the genius idea for bacon shot glasses.

With thin-cut bacon, you mold shot glasses using toothpicks.

Throw your bacon molds in a microwave until they're browned, and get your liquor ready!

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