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Bacon-Scented Lottery Tickets Make You A Winner No Matter What (Photos)

Everyone loves bacon, and it's no secret this mouthwatering meat makes everything better.

There is nothing that beats the delicious taste of a sizzling slab of this greasy goodness.

And even the smell of bacon is incredible; it almost makes you wish you could fill your house up with a million bacon candles and bask in the scent all day.

If you love the smell of bacon, and you also happen to like lots of money, you're in luck.

There's a new lotto ticket out there that takes the phrase "bringing home the bacon" to an entirely new level.

Yes, you can now buy lotto tickets that smell like your beloved bacon. Seriously.

Scratch-and-sniff lotto tickets scented with the sweet, sweet smell of bacon are real, and they live in New Hampshire.

The state lottery will be selling these delectable "I Heart Bacon" tickets throughout the month, and they have a $1,000 grand prize to boot because just giving you a pocket-sized piece of paper that brings on-demand access to the aroma of bacon wasn't enough.

According to the Lottery Commission's Charlie McIntyre, these tasty tickets smell like “it's time for Saturday morning breakfast."

There's also going to be a bacon truck driving around New Hampshire to promote these bad boys, and workers are handing out free samples of applewood smoked bacon.

Even if you don't snag the jackpot, these tickets will still make you feel like a winner.

Take a look at the pictures below to see these heavenly scented lotto tickets.

Behold, a lotto ticket that loves bacon just as much as you do.

These scratch-and-sniff tickets are scented with the sweet aroma of bacon.

Plus, you even have a chance to win $1,000. Bringing home the bacon never smelled so good.

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