6 Reasons You Should Have Your Bachelorette Party In Napa

Planning the wedding of your dreams is by no means any easy task.

From picking the venue, entertainment and decor, to finding a dress, choosing a cake and making the guest list, every bride has to make a myriad of major decision before walking down the aisle.

But you know what's even more exciting than making all the arrangements for the day you finally take the plunge? Getting your girl squad together for one last celebration before the wedding, of course.

Yep, if there's one thing that's just as important as the day you say “I do,” it's spending some quality time with your besties in the form of an epic bachelorette party.

Because let's be real: If you're going to make the most out of your last days as a free woman, you might as well live it and go out with a bang.

However not all bride-to-bes are down for the basic bachelorette trip to Vegas. If the thought of drinking tequila out of dick-shaped shot glasses and blacking out in a trashy strip club makes you cringe, have no fear. We just stumbled upon the perfect place to host a sophisticated bachelorette bash: wine country.

We recently had the chance to tag along on a girl's trip Napa Valley with JetBlue, and this lush la la land offers all sorts of booze-filled fun that you and your squad will never forget.

I mean seriously, it's basically impossible to have a bad time when you have a weekend filled with good friends, great wine, gourmet food and gorgeous sights.

Check out all the reasons you should have your bachelorette party in Napa:

You can pregame with wine on the plane.

If you're looking to treat yourself before the trip even begins, you can opt for JetBlue's Mint experience and prep your palette with a sky high wine tasting.

Mint serves some of California's best wines, so you can start get a preview of some sips from Napa and Sonoma before you even get off the airplane.

There are all sorts of Instagram-worthy sights.

If you're looking to snap lots of photos with your bachelorette squad, you'll be glad to know that everything in Napa is insanely beautiful.

This place is a wine drinkers paradise that's filled with sunny blue skies, singing birds, blooming gardens and lush green vineyards as far as the eye can see. Plus, it doesn't hurt that there are lots of breathtaking spots that serve as the perfect backdrop for all of your special memories (and social media photos).

You can host a sophisticated bachelorette celebration at the vineyard.

From Sonoma vineyards like Hanzell and Bedrock, to Napa wineries like Turley and Matthiasson, wine country is home to a wide range of vineyards that cater toward all types of wine-loving brides.

Whether your looking for reds, whites, big vineyards, small farms, super formal tastings, wine pairings or a low-key tasting alongside the vines, you'll be sure to find the perfect place to host a classy bachelorette bash with your BFFs.

Plus, if you're really looking to turn up, some vineyards will even let you kick off your shoes and have a go at stomping the grapes.

This place is a foodie's paradise.

To put it simply, everything in this bountiful valley tastes like pure bliss. Napa is big on the whole farm-to-table type dining trend and most of the restaurant take advantage of what the neighboring farms have to offer by serving rustic dishes made with fresh, seasonal ingredients that are unlike anything you're tastebuds have ever experienced before.

Downtown Napa has some phenomenal rooftop restaurants like Ninebark, as well as a few world famous breakfast spots like Model Bakery. Plus, you can round up your girls and dine amidst the vines by booking a wine tasting dinner at one of the many vineyards in Napa or Sonoma.

It's an ideal place to de-stress before the big day.

The sunny skies and warm weather make this peaceful locale the perfect place to score a little well deserved R&R. You can work on your tan (or recover from your wine hangover) as you soaking up some rays at the pool.

Or, if you're in need of some serious pampering, you can round up your squad and spend the day at the spa. There are a variety of top-notch places in the valley that offer a myriad of body treatments and massages, plus, Calistoga is home to some of the best mud baths in the country.

There's an endless array of fun things to do.

While boozing might be your biggest priority, there are way more things you can do than spend all of your afternoons getting wine wasted at the vineyards.

There are cute stores where you can shop 'til you drop, or if you're down to party hard, downtown Napa has a pretty decent bar scene. If you're looking to take your bachelorette party to the next level, you can get a bird's eye view of this lush la la land by taking an epic air balloon ride through the valley.

Or if you're up for an outdoor adventure, you can climb some of Napa's hiking trails and go glamping with your gal pals. The possibilities of what you can do in Napa are pretty much endless, so no matter what activities you decided to do, you can be sure that you'll have the best bachelorette party of all time.