6 Seconds Of Magic: Vine Of Kid Being Thrown Into Pool Will Blow Your Mind

A magical video has surfaced on the Internet of a boy jumping into a swimming pool and suddenly disappearing, stuck in the tight grip of a large hand, and then immediately thrown back into the pool on the other side.

What sorcery is this?

Turns out with some patience and a bit of quick camera work, even you can be grabbed by a god-like hand and cast into an open pool of water.

Vine has recently added a bunch of tools that allow you to make videos like this, where objects momentarily disappear from the frame and reappear seconds later in what looks like one continuous shot.

A really basic version of the same trick includes a desk and a Pepsi bottle:

In this Vine, two shots are actually combined into one. The first shot is a hand approaching the top of the bottle as if to smack it down. The trick, though, is to end the shot immediately before your hand stops moving down onto the top of the bottle.

Once you got the perfect first shot, click the ghost button at the bottom of the screen.

With this button, Vine brilliantly allows you to see a transparent image of the very last frame from the last shot. That way, you can remove the bottle from the desk and ensure everything around it is all in the same set up as the first shot.

You'll also be able to see exactly where your hand was during the first shot so you can re-align it perfectly for the second shot.

Finally, film the second shot by continuing to move your hand down on top of emptiness. Try to start the second shot with your hand in motion so it looks like there was no break in between footage.

The goal is to make it look like the entire thing was filmed in one shot, so it's absolutely crucial that everything lines up exactly how it was in the first shot when you are filming the second shot.

Mirror provides another example of this sorcery, which in reality is just a few quick camera tricks similar to those used in the video of the little boy being thrown into the swimming pool.

Check it out:

The following steps were taken to create this video:

Step one: During the first shot, there is a hand coming into the frame and seeming to grab Simon. The shot concludes with the fist covering up Simon's body so that when he moves out of the frame, it will appear as though the hand picked him up.

Step two: The second shot shows the hand turning around and ends just before it prepares to throw Simon back out of its grip.

Step three: Finally, the third shot depicts a motion that shows Simon being flung across the room.

Not as advanced and sorcerer-ish as the swimming pool video, but it's still pretty awesome and something that any one of us can do with a little patience.

H/T: U.K. Mirror