Awesome Pocket Tees Let You Secretly Say 'F*ck You' To People (Photos)


We've all seen some pretty amazing t-shirt designs.

Remember when we showed you that innovative, stain-proof white tee?

Well, we came across another awesome t-shirt and it actually conceals a few funny secrets.

Recently, Los Angeles-based clothing company Ripndip came up with a brilliant new design that gives its skateboarding apparel a hilarious hidden message.

If you've seen Ripndip's stuff before, you may be familiar with some of its clothing characters, like the badass kitty mascot named Lord Nermal.

Take one look at the latest quirky t-shirt design featuring the infamous feline, and you'll think this shirt is nothing more than your average graphic tee with a cute cat sitting in the breast pocket.

This seemingly sweet kitty actually hides a nasty surprise inside, and no, it's not a pocket full of sunshine.

Just pull the pocket down a bit, and you'll discover that like most cats, Lord Nermal is actually a gigantic a-hole and he's giving you the middle finger.

Yep, you've just been flipped off by a cartoon cat.

Thanks to Lord Nermal's strategic pocket position, his mean gestures can only be seen when you yank the fabric down.

So, you have the option to selectively tell certain people to "go f*ck themselves" via the feline.

While the t-shirt retails for $30, the joy you will receive from seeing people's faces when they realize your pocket is armed with meowing middle fingers is pretty much priceless.

Take a look at the pictures below to see this epic t-shirt design.

This may seem like your average graphic tee from Ripndip featuring Lord Nermal the cat.

But, take a peek inside that pocket.

You'll find the fabric conceals a pair of feline middle fingers.

This kitty isn't so nice, after all.

If only all of our clothes could have epic hidden messages.

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