Lifestyle — Meet The Unique Artist Who Uses Luxury Cars As His Canvases
It’s not about following the culture -- but driving it.

Rich made sure to remind me of this each time we spoke on the phone in the weeks leading up to Art Basel 2015 in Miami.

I wasn’t quite sure what this truly meant until our crew finally had the opportunity to run through the South Beach and Wynwood areas of Miami with the eccentric artist for four days.

Rich B. Caliente has established himself as one of the most highly sought after automotive designers in the industry.

Having worked with superstars spanning the NFL, NBA and hip-hop worlds, it's no longer uncommon to see Rich's signature logo on some of Miami's most luxurious pieces of "rolling art."

Outside of the automotive world, Rich is becoming more and more popular for his work with Kid Robot -- the iconic designer toy company.

What started out as a collaboration to complement his "rolling art" has progressed into becoming what he brands as a "live art" experience.

Taking a step out of the studio and into the spotlight, Rich is successfully bringing his "live art" to the world.

Elite Daily was given all access to Rich’s life, documenting the intricacies of his crafts, his interactions and relationships with prominent celebrities and athletes, as well as the rapidly growing community of creatives in MIA.

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