This Artist Turns Politicians Into Hipsters In Incredible Illustrations

As cruelty-free kale, undercuts and septum piercings become more popular than ever, it's pretty clear the hipster epidemic has no end in sight.

If there's one thing we can learn from the rise of this hipster nonsense, it's that no one is immune to the temptation of underground indie music, overpriced flannels and bushy lumberjack beards.

Not even the world's most influential leaders can resist the trend.

For his latest entertaining illustration series, Amit Shimoni decided to push the creative boundaries of politics by giving a variety of world leaders modern-day makeovers that are anything but mainstream.

That's right, this talented artist just took some of the most recognized faces in history and turned them into a bunch of hilarious hipsters.

Shimoni wrote on Bored Panda,

I often find myself thinking about the differences between these world's greatest leaders, their beliefs and motivations, and our self-centered generation. The 'Y' generation is constantly looking at fashion and style as their way of self-expression while steering away from the big ideologies. Hipstory wishes to reimagine the great leaders of modern history and place them in a different time and culture  —  ours.

This thought-provoking series is funny AF, and seeing these alternative officials might just encourage you to look at society in an entirely new way (or at least give you the urge to wear a beanie and drink artisan whiskey).

Take a look at the pictures below to see some of Shimoni's awesome Hipstory illustrations:

Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton

Vladimir Putin

Barack Obama

Queen Elizabeth II

Konrad Adenauer

Margaret Thatcher

Mao Zedong

Moshe Dayan

Charles de Gaulle

John F. Kennedy

Abraham Lincoln

Winston Churchill

Mahatma Gandhi

George Washington

Angela Merkel

Nelson Mandela