These 50 Mannequins Send A Serious Message About The Orlando Shooting

People around the world are mourning the loss of the innocent human beings killed during the United States' deadliest mass shooting in its history, and everyone has their own way of dealing with tragedy.

However, one artist's latest composition, sending a message regarding the Orlando shooting, has people wondering if he's gone too far.

A Los Angeles-based artist named ChadMichael Morrisette is making headlines for his latest art piece which consists of 50 mannequins laid out across the roof of his home. The mannequins are accompanied by a spray-painted sign that reads: "50 Dead People #GunControl."

In a recent interview with NBC4, Morrisette reveals,

This affected me so much. I wanted people to see, as the biggest shooting in American history, what that might look like, and I have the ability to show them that.

Morrisette's art installation, also titled "No One Is Safe," has ruffled feathers within his community due to its intense, graphic nature. According to LAist, one passerby described it as "extreme" during a Fox 11 report.

This is what 50 dead people looks like. #GunControl — ChadMichael (@OhMannequin) June 12, 2016

The artist, whose home is located in West Hollywood, posted a photo of the installation on Twitter. It garnered quite a few different reactions from Twitter users, though most were positive.

If you happen to be in Los Angeles, the piece can be viewed by visiting "Fountain and Fairfax at Orange Grove," which are the directions Morrisette posted to his Twitter account.

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