Artist Makes Absolutely Incredible Celebrity Portraits Only Using Food

by Gillian Fuller

Jessie Bearden is not your average artist.

The 23-year-old New Yorker is making headlines for her celebrity portraits she makes out of various food and drink items — think ice cream, coffee and even poppy seeds.

She told PEOPLE,

I got really sick of painting because it was just too limiting.

Having turned to more edible sources, Bearden's celebrity portraits can take up to four hours. But, she loves the process — and she's not the only one.

Recently, she was commissioned by McDonald's to create a campaign for McCafé, painted (fittingly) using coffee.

Check out some of Bearden's work below, and follow her on Instagram for more.

Caitlyn Jenner -- Wheaties

Biggie Smalls -- ketchup and mustard

John Lennon -- poppy seeds

Rihanna -- ice cream

Beyoncé -- frosting

Jimi Hendrix -- popcorn

The Beatles -- salt and pepper

Lady Gaga -- milk

Elvis -- chocolate syrup

Jimi Hendrix -- fruit

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