Artist Creates Surreal Sculptures That Will Make You Do A Double Take (Photos)

Art is a subjective form of expression that comes in all different styles.

While some artists choose to create more traditional forms of artwork, other artists like to think outside the box and create some pretty obscure pieces.

Case in point: Sergio Garcia. This Miami-based artist is no stranger to creating some seriously mind-bending works of art.

In his  Infinite Chapters project, Garcia set out to create a bunch of surreal sculptures that blur the lines between imagination and reality.

The series features a variety of tricycles twisted into odd creations along with human hands protruding through white walls and fiberglass figures that swap out heads for hands blowing bubbles.

Garcia used his personal experiences as inspiration for all of the unconventional pieces in this surreal series, and he strategically plays each sculpture off the other to create quite a distorted sense of perception.

There's no denying that all of Garcia's pieces are both thought-provoking and pretty awesome.

Take a look at the pictures below to see Garcia's surreal sculptures.

Garcia has really mastered the art of making mind-bending sculptures.

Whether he's showing off some West Coast-reppin' hands...

...or showcasing a sculpture that's a complete airhead...

...all of his artwork is incredibly thought-provoking...

...and painstakingly detailed.

His artwork looks astonishingly realistic.

And it really blurs the lines between Garcia's imagination and reality.

These hands show there's no crying over spilt milk at this exhibit.

Or split beer, for that matter.

If all those hands aren't enough to distort your perception of reality, Garcia's series also included a few tricycles twisted into knots.

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