This Artist Is Drawing Celebrities On Sandwiches And It's Kind Of Amazing

If you thought chips with pickles was the ultimate sandwich pairing, you clearly haven't seen Jeff McCarthy's creative lunch combos.

For his latest project, this LA-based art director set out to create a comical series of watercolor portraits pairing your favorite stars with sandwiches. That's right. Thanks to this talented artist, "Celebs On Sandwiches" is a real thing, and it's absolutely hysterical.

Now, you're probably wondering: What exactly inspired this guy to give his hoagies Hollywood-inspired makeovers?

Apparently, this ingenious idea came to McCarthy while he was talking about celebs and stuffing his face with a sandwich.

Since then, he posted nearly 50 different pictures of celeb-sandwich portraits on Instagram and even managed to rack up 28,000 followers.

McCarthy told Mashable,

There's an absurdity to it that people seem to like. Our culture's fascination with celebrities is kind of crazy, so the idea of bringing some humor to it all just made sense.

Take a look at the pictures below to see some of his star-studded sandwiches.


Ariana Grande

The Fat Jew

Olivia Wilde

Nev Schulman and Max Joseph

Hugh Hefner

Seth Rogen

Action Bronson

Norman Reedus

Taylor Swift

Miley Cyrus

Scott Disick

Bernie Sanders

Marshawn Lynch

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