Artist Adds Hilarious Modern Twists To Vintage Photographs

We've all seen pictures of the Golden Era of the 1950s.

But have you ever wondered what this time period would look like if it adopted a few inventions from the modern world?

After artist David Lyle came across a bunch of vintage photos, he set out to give these outdated scenes from the 50s and 60s a Millennial makeover in his latest project titled Everyone's A Critic.

By hijacking these old portraits and adding a few witty and modern additions, this comical artist essentially transforms these boring paintings into cynical works of reimagined art.

His visual series shows everything from an old-school family tuning into "The Simpsons" on their living room TV to your not-so-typical 1950s housewife baking up some delicious desserts that are downright deadly.

His clever paintings are both thought-provoking and pretty hilarious.

Take a look at the pictures below to see Lyle's comical Everyone's A Critic series.

Even women back then knew the struggles of panty lines.

Nothing says vintage like some awesome graffiti.

Putting the finishing touches on a Golden Era portrait.

Not sure what all the hype is about here.

"The Simpsons" just don't seem the same in black and white.

Bringing a bomb along for the ride.

"See this right here, ladies? It's called street art."

Take notes kids, this painting is clearly important.

He did it, officer!

Hard at work making a few Koons replicas.

These creative kids from the 50s had art class on lock. Just look at the Darth Vader-Louie V mashup.

To make your recipe simply to die for, just add a dash of rat poison.

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