Artist Creates Awesome 3D Drawings That Seem To Jump Off The Page (Photos)

We've all seen some pretty realistic drawings.

But have you ever seen a sketch that is so impressive, it almost looks like it could leap off the page and become part of real life?

Recently, Italian artist Alessandro Diddi set out to create a series of mind-bending illustrations to make his imaginative artwork come alive.

However, instead of sketching out your typical, 2D drawings, Diddi creates a variety of anamorphic illustrations that look as if they are popping off the paper and into the three-dimensional real world.

Diddi uses a combination of shading, light and perspective as well as strategically positioned sheets of paper and real objects to transform his drawings into a bunch of mind-boggling 3D works of art.

According to Diddi,

I want my drawings to put across the message that the eye can trick the mind and make you believe that there are dimensions that are not really there.

Whether his imaginative drawings are jumping out of the paper to serve a tennis ball, reaching across the table to shake hands or simply trying to steal this talented artist's pencil, there is no denying all of Diddi's spectacular illustrations create some seriously awesome optical illusions.

Take a look at the pictures below to see Diddi's three-dimensional drawings.

Diddi makes his drawings pop off their paper.

Whether he's dipping his pencil into his artwork to complete a wooden plank...

...fending off the fangs of a vicious viper...

...or helping his imaginative drawings catch some gnarly surf...

...all of Diddi's three-dimensional drawings look like they're part of the real world.

His incredible illustrations show everything from a bird taking flight...

...and two sketches finally reaching an agreement... a fire-breathing dragon with a thing against pencils...

...and a squirrel that just wants to help Diddi draw the finishing touches on its fur.

His awesome illustrations create mind-bending illusions.

They really blur the lines between imagination and reality.

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