App Brings Back The Disposable Camera So You Can Relive Childhood (Photos)

These days, we can never have enough technology.

Whenever a new app comes out, as techies, we'll make sure to delete a string of photos from our camera roll so we can keep ourselves up to speed.

But it's getting to the point when it's time to go backwards and appreciate all we had before retina display and force-touch trackpads came into our lives.

Not too long ago we introduced you to the SmartBoy, a device that hooks up to your iPhone and converts it into a Nintendo GameBoy. If you thought that was a blast from the past, try this!

It's simply called the Disposable Camera App from Photojojo, and it's awesome.

How it works is simple: You download the app to your iOS device and take 27 pictures. Now, you're probably thinking to yourself: "why wouldn't I just use Instagram or my regular iSight camera?"

Well, wouldn't you rather have physical, high-quality, Polaroid-style photos instead of just keeping them stored away in your camera roll until you get drunk and end up losing your phone?!

Using the Disposable Camera App, you receive the photos you took with your phone in the mail instead. You don't get any previews, reviews or do-overs.

Once the photo is taken, it is added into your string of captured photos, and those photos are then printed at Photojojo and sent to you.

And just like that, the disposable camera is reborn -- in app form! Pretty neat concept, huh?

Check out the photos and video below for a closer look.

Ever think of what it'd be like to go back to a disposable camera now that we've all spoiled ourselves with 4K and retina display?

Well, with a new iOS app, you can!

It's simply called the Disposable Camera App from Photojojo, and it allows you to capture pictures that are then printed out and sent to you.

What's awesome is that, like a disposable camera, once the photo is taken, that's it.

You can use the prints for whatever you like!

Check out the video below for a closer look:

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