Adorable 'Nurse Cat' Cares For Sick Animals After His Life Was Saved (Photos)

Surviving a traumatic experience and getting a second chance can really make you re-evaluate your purpose in life.

But you may be surprised to know this doesn't just happen for people.

Case in point: Radamenes the cat.

After he was brought into an animal hospital in Bydgoszcz, Poland, vets gave this little guy a grim prognosis.

However, despite the odds, they were able to save this cute little cat from death's doorstep, and now Radamenes is returning the favor by helping the vets out with the other sick animals in the veterinary center.

That's right, Radamenes is the shelter's newest (and cutest) nurse.

It's not hard to see this thankful feline is on a serious mission to nurse other animals back to health; he spends his days cuddling, cleaning and massaging the hospital's furry, four-legged patients.

Take a look at the picture below to see this adorable candy striper cat.

Meet Radamenes.

This selfless little fellow isn't your ordinary feline.

He was brought into an animal hospital in Poland with a severe respiratory infection; everyone thought he would have to be put down.

But the vets were able to save his life, so he's returning the favor by helping other animals get better.

Now, he's the animal hospital's newest four-legged nurse.

He spends his days helping out the vets who saved him by giving them a hand with their other furry patients.

Radamenes looks after these sickly animals and can normally be found hugging and cleaning them.

Plus he never forgets to tuck them into bed.

He doesn't just care for cats; he likes to nurse dogs back to health, too.

His favorite thing is looking after animals that have had serious operations, but that should be no surprise, since he knows what these poor little pets are going through.

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