This Cat Is So Protective Of Her Owner's Baby, And It's The Sweetest Thing


We've all seen precious pups that suddenly turn into diligent watchdogs as soon as babies come into the picture.

But, did you know man's best friend isn't the only type of pet keeping an eye out for new additions to the family?

Meet Panda.

Panda isn't your average adopted kitty.

As soon as Panda's owner, Liel Ainmar Assayag, discovered she was expecting, Panda immediately took interest in the new baby.

Now, this caring 2-year-old cat is basically an adorable four-legged babysitter who devotes her days to looking after her newborn BFF, little baby Sean.

Assayag told LoveMeow,

If you ask me, this sounds like the purrfect start to a lifelong friendship between Sean and his kitty-cat protector.

Take a look at the pictures below to see this precious pair.

Panda isn't your ordinary pet.

When her owner, Liel Ainmar Assayag, got pregnant, Panda decided to step up as the family watch-cat...

...and began looking after Assayag as she patiently waited for the arrival of her new human sibling, a little baby boy named Sean.

It's not hard to see Panda immediately fell in love with the new baby.

Now, Panda dedicates her days to protecting her precious newborn pal...

...and snuggling up for a cat nap here and there with her two favorite people, of course!

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