This Is What A $600 Million Private Jumbo-Jet Looks Like (Photos)


It's been said that money can't buy happiness, but having a ton of extra cash at your disposal can buy you a pretty sweet private plane.

And I don't now about you, but flying somewhere without having to sit crammed between two strangers in coach sounds a lot like happiness to me.

While flying in even the smallest of private jets seems like it would be pretty awesome, one anonymous jet setter just took the meaning of traveling in style to a whole new level by customizing a private jumbo jet.

That's right, a Boeing 747, which normally carries around 450 passengers, has just been converted into an epic personal aircraft.

Customized by Greenpoint Technologies, the interior redesign of this plane includes everything: a restaurant, dining room, master and guest bedrooms, an office and several lounges.

In addition to some serious leg room, the inside of this badass airplane also boasts a bunch of opulent features that any reasonable jet-setting billionaire would require while cruising through the clouds.

So how much does it cost to fly in the lap of luxury? The answer is quite simple: a lot.

Although the overall cost of this customized jet hasn't been released, estimates put this insane airplane somewhere around the $600 million price mark. After riding around in this awesome jet, you'll never be able to go back to flying on a commercial airline.

Feast your eyes on the $600 million private Boeing 747.

Everything about this private airplane oozes opulence.

From several bedrooms and lounge areas... an office, restaurant and dining room...

...this customized jumbo jet has everything you need to fly in the lap of luxury.

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