Artist Creates 3D Banana Illustrations And They're Just B-A-N-A-N-A-S (Photos)

New rule: If I can't eat whatever art you create, I don't want to see it.

The problem with art is you can really only enjoy it with your eyes.

If you try to touch, smell or even get close to a major painting, security will kick you out, and you'll be embarrassed in front of the third-grade class you are chaperoning at the museum.

That's what makes this potassium and vitamin B-centric Pablo PEELcasso such a valuable asset to the art scene.

While most artists practice their crafts on canvases or clay, Stephan Brusche takes the medium to a whole different platform, a yellow and edible platform.

A banana is Brusche's platform. Brusche makes art on a banana.

Instagrammers are obsessed with this modern-day da Vinci, who currently boasts more than 34,000 followers.

This piece, “Banana World,” features banana Chris Pratt telling his three banana raptors to step down.

Stephan is clearly a pop culture fan. A large chunk of his art is seemingly inspired by TV and movies, like this piece featuring Jesse Pinkman probably saying something like, “Bananas, BITCH,” to banana Walter White.

Brusche even made a special artistic tribute to BB King.

He also brought his incredibly specific talent to other fruits.

You can check the entire Banana-logue out on his website Fruitdoodle.

Fruit doodling better become a major at the Rhode Island School of Design soon.

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