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19 Times World Leaders Looked Way More Badass Than They Actually Are

If you think politicians lead boring lives, think again.

Not too long ago we showed what the world's leaders would look like if they got a badass makeover.

In real life, these guys may not have the same level of street style swag, but you might be surprised to know some of these diplomats are actually just as badass when they're not suited up and standing behind a podium.

Case in point: Vladimir Putin.

This Russian leader means business, showing off how insanely epic he is by posing with a polar bear or riding a Harley with the Hell's Angels.

But aside from Putin, there are a bunch of other presidents and prime ministers who do some pretty awesome stuff we don't always see in the media.

Whether it's the Queen of England firing an enormous military rifle, Obama shooting pool in a bar or George Bush jumping out of a plane, what these guys do in their free time proves world leaders are anything but boring.

Take a look at the picture below to see some of the most badass world leaders.

Nicolas Sarkozy chilling with his homie Jay Z, nbd.

Kim Jong-un looks like a boss on his horse.

George Bush has got that presidential chest bump down.

Bill Clinton has some serious cigar swag.

David Cameron is a champ on the cricket field.

Bush isn't too afraid to jump out of a plane once in a while.

Lol. Bitch, please. Hillary always dominates Capitol Hill's style scene.

Biden looks badass in his sweet ride.

JFK is always up for an ocean adventure.

Margaret Thatcher loves taking her Army tank out for a leisurely stroll.

Obama is always down for a light saber duel.

Not to mention, his pool skills are on fleek.

Putin isn't afraid to show a little skin while riding a horse over a mountain.

This is proof that Queen Elizabeth is one epic lady.

Age is no match for Ronald Reagen's aim.

Who needs first class when you can just fly a fighter jet like Shinzo Abe?

Nothing says 'Merica like Roosevelt's manly crew.

Putin's karate skills are definitely on point.

And if that's not impressive enough, he's also a member of Russia's Hell's Angel.