1,500 Water Balloons Bouncing On A Trampoline In Slow Motion Is Mesmerizing

by Kate Ryan

Question: What two things that epitomize childhood and summertime fun?

Answer: Water balloons and trampolines, obviously.

Lucky for us, YouTube user Mark Rober combined both of those things for one mesmerizing, fun-filled video posted on Wednesday.

According to Mashable, Rober filled 1,500 water balloons and set them loose on a trampoline simply so he and his kids could jump for joy in a watery ball pit of sorts. (Thanks Rober, I think I now know what was missing from my childhood.)

Setting the bouncing pile of water balloons to slow motion makes for a surprisingly cinematic effect that does not disappoint. At one point they fill up a giant balloon that'll make you a little queasy while also developing a deep appreciation for water.

Check out the video above to experience the balloon beauty for yourself.

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