15 People Reveal What It's Like To Have An Emotional Affair

I think most people would agree cheating is the ultimate relationship offense.

However, cheating can take a variety of forms.

On one hand, there are the obvious ways you can be unfaithful, like getting physically involved with someone else.

But then, there's also this gray area where people have secret affairs that are purely emotional in nature.

So, this leaves us with one question: Which type of affair is worse?

Whisper, the app that gives you a glimpse of other peoples' secrets, recently asked a bunch of people to confess what it's really like to be in an emotional affair.

This may sound surprising, but in a lot of cases, people feel simply catching feelings for someone else while you are in a relationship can actually be a lot worse than sleeping with another person behind your partner's back.

Take a look at the pictures below to see people open up about their emotional affairs.

The worst part is I can't even tell anyone.

I feel so guilty that he has no idea.

I just need to feel a connection with someone.

I don't even care it's destroying my marriage.

Love can be a real mother f*cker.

I hate that I miss him.

You don't need to physically cheat to feel guilt.

It's worse than sleeping with someone else.

I don't know how to come back from this.

Even though it hurts, sometimes you just have to walk away.

I have to get out before things go to the next level.

I still have feelings for the other dude.

Zero f*cks given.

I lost everything.

Who knew cheating could actually help your relationship?

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