Zayn Malik Got This Awesome New Tattoo From Kylie Jenner's Artist

If you're looking to get some fresh ink, it sounds like Kylie Jenner knows the best artist in town.

The 18-year-old reality star gets her tattoos done by Jon Boy of West 4 Tattoo.

He's worked with everyone from Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner to Hailey Baldwin. This guy's a big deal, all right?

Now, it looks like Zayn Malik is hopping on the bandwagon. The former One Direction member just got a new tattoo from Jon Boy, and it's seriously awesome.

Zayn decided to get a lightsaber on his middle finger. DOPE, RIGHT?

But wait. This isn't just any lightsaber: It's a MAGIC lightsaber.

Oooooh, ahhhhhh.

Jon Boy actually tatted Zayn with UV ink. When you put a UV light over his finger, the lightsaber lights up. IS THAT SICK OR WHAT?

Jon Boy has become a pretty big fan of UV ink. He shared,

I've been in the business for over 16 years. I remember when UV first hit the market. At the time, it was fairly new, so people were a little iffy about how safe it was. I've had mine for years. I recommend it.


I wonder if Kylie Jenner will add any UV tats to her ink collection. Or maybe she already has one, and we just don't know about it.

HMM. Makes you think.

I'm personally terrified of needles, but maybe one day, I'll grow a pair and get a tat. If I do, Jon Boy, I'm coming to you.

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