Mario Anzuoni/David McNew

Zayn Malik Just Shared A Dirty Joke About Gigi Hadid Touching His D*ck

Zayn. Zayn, Zayn, Zayn.

There's a difference between PDA and just going too far.

This is PDA.

@GiGiHadid you seen the video babe ? Someones Looking — zayn (@zaynmalik) January 29, 2016

THIS is going too far. — zayn (@zaynmalik) April 14, 2016

It's just really an image I didn't want or need to have in my head.

Yes, Zayn, you're a solo artist now. I get that. We all do.

We know you try to forget your days as an innocent, clean-cut kid in a boy band. But I remember. WE ALL REMEMBER. 

So maybe in the future you can keep this kind of stuff off Twitter and just between you and Gigi? Please?