Zayn Malik Just Canceled A Performance Over The 'Worst Anxiety' He's Ever Had


Zayn Malik was forced to cancel a performance in England on Saturday due to overwhelming anxiety. According to Daily Mail, Zayn was due in Wembley Stadium in London at 8 pm for the Capital Summertime Ball.

But, the 23-year-old singer broke the news of the cancellation with a statement posted to his Instagram only hours before the event was set to begin, saying the anxiety over performing live was too much to handle.

The statement read,

Wow, it appears Zayn's anxiety about performing live is a lot worse than anybody knew and has "haunted" him for months. I don't know what it's like to have millions of crazy fans expecting me to perform, so I can't totally empathize with Zayn's situation, but I'm sure I'm not the only who thinks he shouldn't be so hard on himself.

Justin Bieber had to cancel a meet-and-greet in March due to emotional and mental exhaustion, so it appears Zayn Malik isn't the only celebrity struggling with the sheer magnitude of his famousness.

Take some time and get well, Zayn. No one blames you, and your fans know you'll make it up to them somehow.

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