1D Fans Are Basically Trying To 'Wish' Zayn Malik Back Into The Band

Ever since Zayn left One Direction, Directioners have been a little lost and willing to cling to any claim of his return.

Now, these fans have another reason to believe the very missed pop star might be coming back.

Earlier today, #ZaynIsComingBackOnJuly26 started trending, and even though there's no evidence to support this claim, people are still losing their sh*t over it.

Even though they've been hit with similar rumors before...

You're insecure, dont know what for Too much drama going on I cannot handle it anymo-o-ore #ZaynIsComingBackOnJuly26 pic.twitter.com/8KC41LI1G6 — Val (@ProudLiLoGirl) July 24, 2015

...this situation is still causing A LOT of confusion.

FANDOM GOING ONLINE AND SEEING THE TREND LIKE: #ZaynIsComingBackOnJuly26 pic.twitter.com/XeXC2MRsgn — FIVE YEARS (@beachsidehes) July 24, 2015

Everyone keeps making claims without backing them up.

"ZAYNS COMING BACK" "HIS SISTER TWEETED" "ITS HAPPENING WE BE LIKE: #ZaynIsComingBackOnJuly26 pic.twitter.com/Pgo9qw9JfV — ruby (@slippperystyles) July 24, 2015

And no one knows what to believe anymore.

"Zayn is coming back" "Zayn isnt coming back" "it is true" "it isnt true" #ZaynIsComingBackOnJuly26 pic.twitter.com/AM5yJtUMkM — natalie (@zaynbaabe) July 24, 2015

The fandom's hearts have been played with too many times.

"zayn is coming back" "zayn's not coming back" fandom rn: #ZaynIsComingBackOnJuly26 pic.twitter.com/3D6q2OBPpt — was @exquisitemalik_ (@93blackftzjm) July 24, 2015

Heartbreak after heartbreak caused some fans to put up walls that weren't there before.

reading through this trend and seeing thats its just another fandom made rumour like #zayniscomingbackonjuly26 pic.twitter.com/yd5EnjrUo8 — hana (@WlNTERYLOUIS) July 24, 2015

But, some are still willing to believe...

*still tries to believe it anyways * #ZaynIsComingBackOnJuly26 pic.twitter.com/cKSZG0lB7P — cassandra (@calumskiwifruit) July 24, 2015

...and pretty much just trying to will him back into the band.

Me @ #ZaynIsComingBackOnJuly26: lmao this is so fake, he is never coming back! Also me: patiently waits for july 26th pic.twitter.com/rYVsucNpjA — I'm Enrique Iglesias (@jessleal7) July 24, 2015

While others are here to bring fans a reality check.

THIS FANDOM SRSLY NEEDS TO STOP BEING SO SELFISH AND GULLIBLE. ZAYN IS HAPPY. 1D IS HAPPY. #ZaynIsComingBackOnJuly26 pic.twitter.com/EMeWYSpIYr — lea // uni (@ohlordhes) July 24, 2015

But sometimes, a little drama can spice up your day.

WHEN YOU THOUGHT THE HASHTAG WAS REAL BUT THEN YOU REALIZED THE FANDOM IS JUST BORED #ZaynIsComingBackOnJuly26 pic.twitter.com/TETdvrda5z — novelle (@queenforharry) July 24, 2015

And, truthfully, this kind of drama probably isn't ending any time soon.

"Can we have a day without drama?" Fandom: #ZaynIsComingBackOnJuly26 pic.twitter.com/eiu0t7CbIq — ☠ I FollowBack100% ☠ (@xbillie_182x) July 24, 2015

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