Zach Carter From That Show 'Unfabulous' Grew Up To Be Insanely Hot (Photos)

I'm sure you remember the TeenNick show "Unfabulous" starring Emma Roberts as Addie Singer. She was your average 13-year-old just trying to survive junior high with her best friends, Zach and Geena.


Jordan Calloway played Zach, the 13-year-old basketball-playing environmental advocate. He totally rocked that awkward stage, let me tell you.


Well, Zach has definitely had time to grow up. I'd like to reintroduce you to Jordan Calloway.

Sexy, grown-up Zach. Hubba hubba. https://instagram.com/p/x-M7NxAB_4/embed/

Take a second to fan yourself, get a glass of water or wipe that drool from your lip. Better? Let's continue.

Oh um, hey, hi, hello Jordan. https://instagram.com/p/y0tDvrMqm7/embed/

Can we just talk about literally everything happening in this picture. Look at that little fedora. Look at those pecs. BRB GOING TO GO PRINT THIS OUT LIFE SIZE (jk... not really).

Here he is staring into the abyss, thinking about his sexiness. https://instagram.com/p/uJPBQzMqsR/embed/

Look at how the clouds are parting as he awaits the perfect moment to be lifted into the heavens. Angel wings are probably about to emerge from his back... his beautiful, toned, muscular back.

And here are his biceps ready to destroy the world with all their glory. https://instagram.com/p/rbaaoEsqre/embed/

This photo right here is truly a blessing to our planet. Those arms are a work of art probably hand-crafted by Donatello himself. Let's all take a moment of silence to honor their beauty. Amen.

Jordannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. https://instagram.com/p/yCcVWcAB-_/embed/

There is just nothing unfabulous about this photo. Nope, it's pretty much perfect.

More like Jor-damn. https://instagram.com/p/sTcA0ZgB6D/embed/

Thank you for existing and reminding us puberty is a beautiful, beautiful thing.