Bo Burnham fans are excited Netflix added the 2013 show 'Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous.'

Netflix Randomly Added A Forgotten Bo Burnham Show And It's A Must-Watch

Fans think this could hint a second season is coming.


Bo Burnham superfans are well versed in all of his hit comedy specials, but there’s one hidden gem in his career they might have missed. Back in 2013, Burnham starred in his very first TV show: a mockumentary sitcom about a college dropout hungry for fame. Sadly, the series struggled with ratings and was canceled after one season, but now anyone who missed the series can finally watch it easily, since Netflix added Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous to its library at the end of 2021. Fans can’t stop tweeting about how excited they are to watch (or rewatch) the cult hit, and it’s even sparked some speculation about a long-requested second season.

Burnham first rose to popularity as a musical comedian on YouTube in the mid- to late-2000s, before he began releasing comedy specials and appearing in movies in the 2010s. Now, Burnham is an acclaimed actor, writer, and director, having released his critically acclaimed directorial debut Eighth Grade in 2018, then starred in the 2020 Oscar-winning thriller Promising Young Woman and earning three Emmys and two Grammy nominations for his lockdown-inspired 2021 special, Inside.

While he has tons of fans now, many may have missed Burnham’s first-ever TV show. Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous aired on MTV in the summer of 2013, chronicling 18-year-old Zach Stone’s desperate, over-the-top attempts to become an overnight celebrity. The series begins with Zach announcing he has decided that instead of attending college, he is going to focus on becoming famous, much to the disappointment of his family. Throughout the show, Zach tries different get-famous-quick stunts, many of which show off Burnham’s musical comedy skills with catchy original tunes.

When Netflix added the cult-beloved series on Dec. 24, fans were quick to change their Christmas Eve plans.

Since Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous failed to garner a large audience on MTV back when it aired, a lot of new fans discovered the show for the first time thanks to Netflix’s addition.

Most exciting of all, though, is the prospect that a resurgence in the Zach Stone fandom now that it’s on Netflix could potentially lead to a long-awaited second season after all these years.

While those second-season dreams may just be wishful thinking at the moment, at least fans can finally enjoy this Burnham gem without having to scour all corners of the internet for the first time in nearly a decade.