'You' Season 4's revelation about Rhys created some weird plot holes.

That Huge You Twist Created So Many Plot Holes

Sorry, it just doesn't add up.


Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from You Season 4, Episode 8.

Welp, it happened. Just as so many You fans had theorized after the first part of Season 4 dropped, Part 2 confirmed that Rhys Montrose wasn’t real. Well, technically he was a real person, but the Rhys that had been talking to Joe this whole time was nothing more than a dark projection of his fractured mind. It was the boldest twist You had ever attempted, but although the show tried its best to explain away all the inconsistencies the big reveal created, a few plot holes remained.

Because the hallucinogenic/split-personality twist was so major, You devoted a large part of Episode 8 explaining how it might be feasible. Imaginary Rhys pointed out that he and Joe only spoke one-on-one, and he never interacted with anyone else. The only time Rhys did interact with others was at Simon’s funeral, where he delivered a eulogy in front of everyone, but Imaginary Rhys revealed that was the one time Joe really did see the real Rhys, who actually was an estranged friend to the Sundry House group and only made time to show up for Simon’s funeral.

OK, some of those details add up, but there’s still a lot about the revelation that doesn’t really make sense. Like, if Joe was just talking to himself repeatedly in front of the Sundry House crew, why did none of them ever point out how weird that would be? There’s also the matter of Imaginary Rhys’ targets — it makes sense for Joe to want to kill Malcolm, Simon, and Gemma, but at one point, Imaginary Rhys was dead-set on getting Joe to murder Kate. Joe’s whole goal in London was to protect Kate, but part of him also wanted to kill her, apparently.

The biggest question mark of all, though, is what happened at Hampsie.


Imaginary Rhys tried his best to make some sense out of Joe locking himself up in a basement and then setting it on fire, but it just felt like a reach. The show couldn’t even do a flashback to the moment without including Imaginary Rhys in the scene, because it’s too difficult to imagine Joe knocking himself out in the woods after overcoming Roald, then chaining himself and Roald up in a basement together, and then tipping over a gas lantern he across the room he couldn’t even reach to set the place on fire. Yes, Joe will go to psychotic extremes, but that scene just doesn’t even seem physically possibly without Rhys really being there.

While the twist may have been obvious enough for fans to figure it out early on, it still had a few kinks in it to throw people off the scent. Still, whether you put it together before the reveal or not, the Imaginary Rhys twist definitely made Season 4 a ton of fun.