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Wiz Khalifa Remixed Adele's 'Hello' And It's Obviously All About Weed

Hello, can anyone confirm if Wiz Khalifa smokes marijuana or not?

He's being super vague about it. Maybe I can ask Adele?

In a recent radio interview with Power 106, the rapper freestyled over Adele's "Hello," with single-minded focus on a certain leafy green.

Wiz sounded really good, honestly, and he didn't falter once. His improvised lyrics, however, roughly translate to "weed, weed, weeeeeeed, weedweedweed, WEED. WEED. WEED."

He definitely said the phrase, "I smoke weed," at least twice and ended the song on a simple yet poignant "pack."

And you want the song's name? It's "Hella O's."

To be honest, it's kind of my new jam.

Now, let us all pray Wiz smokes up Adele sometime and releases the video. I mean, you know, if he has any weed. I'm still unclear on that.